Every organization should have a well-resourced Digital Director who can monitor conversations, test messages, and report on trends. That’s what Clarity provides.

Clarity starts with an extensive briefing process to understand your brand, competitors, audience, and industry. This surfaces several approaches to conversation monitoring, and yields 3-4 Focus Areas. Each focus area will likely reveal dozens of keywords and hashtags, hundreds to thousands of influencers, and tens of thousands to several million public social media posts. 

This research is reviewed and core insights are derived in an Overall Issue Map Report, which is generated within the first month of a Clarity engagement. The Overall Issue Map provides direction for the regular monitoring that follows.

Once the Issue Map is complete, we use the world’s most powerful social listening and data analytics tools to run ongoing issue monitoring and reporting.

We deliver weekly Map Monitor Reports, accompanied by the client’s choice of a written or verbal insights presentation. In addition, clients using the Clarity service receive one monthly Deep Dive Report, which is an extensive review of a single topic, issue, account/handle, or hashtag of their choosing. This is available on 24-hour notice, if necessary.

Clients can choose two add-on services: Clarity Monitoring, and Clarity Message Testing.