Cornerstone is Pesch’s strategic communications planning capability. 

We work together to build a results-oriented, digital-driven communications plan. Execute it alone or with our help.

Pesch follows a proven process which drives three core deliverables:

    • Comprehensive Research Report

    • Audience Workshop

    • Communications Plan

We partner with you to identify meaningful, measurable objectives, find your audiences, craft messages for them, and develop sharp strategies and tactics that drive action.

The Research Report is Cornerstone’s core foundation. We use some of the world’s most powerful social media tools to refine your goal, set objectives, and build segments of your overall audience.


We’ll conduct a half-day Audience Workshop. First, we’ll present the Research Report. Then, we’ll guide a discussion based on it in order to: 1) Refine the Goal, 2) Define the specific Target Audiences, building full profiles, 3) Define the Influencer Audiences we need to reach, 4) Define the Primary Messages we will send to each audience. 

This Audience Workshop becomes the foundation of a detailed Communications Plan based on the established Goal, achievable Objectives, and defined Audiences with Strategies to send each one tailored Messages.