Nonprofits and Advocacy brands often face moments of crisis. Today, crucial battles can start and end solely online. Counterpunch is a complete digital crisis solution.

As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Our work starts with the Digital Crisis Management Plan, which covers several key areas of crisis mitigation before a crisis exists:

      • Monitoring — know how to track issues before they spiral

      • The Digital Crisis Team — who’s on your team, when and how are they activated, and what roles they accomplish

      • Issue Classification — How do you score issues vs crises?

      • Pre-Built Responses — defensive URL buying, reskinnable graphics, pre-approved copy, community management guidelines, etc

      • First Hour/First Day Plan — What immediate steps are taken to fight a crisis online? What are the follow-on steps?

Clients can also choose to participate in a Full-Day or Half-Day Digital Crisis Drill, which is an in-person workshop that creates and tests a crisis environment.

Counterpunch includes two service packages in addition to the Digital Crisis Management Plan and training drills/workshops. Sometimes, brands know a crisis or potential crisis is coming, for instance during major litigation or an important leadership transition. These situations often call for a Digital War Room. Or a brand might have recently weathered a crisis, problem, or scandal that weakened audience trust. The Brand Restoration Package starts a path to reputation recovery online.